Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pick-me-up Pond

I have been trying to come up with a name for the pond a four minute walk from my house.  After spending the last three days hooking countless fish and missing even more on the hook set, I needed to go back to basics.  This pond never fails to produce, and although the fish in there seem to get no larger than thirteen inches, it is still good to know you haven't forgotten how to set the hook.  I actually caught the same fish twice from the same spot in less than five minutes so seems that they have started spawning.  I will leave them be for a the next month or so to make me some more trophies.  I hope I don't need a pick me up before then.

The fish aren't the only things making babies


  1. Watch out for those geese if your in your kayak! You may tip and go for a swim!

    1. These geese hate other geese and are pretty aggressive towards them. They hate me too I think but hiss then run away. I give the nesting hens? a wide berth.