The Flyyak Fishing Challenges

Herein shall include, but not be limited to, the official list for Flyyak Fishing Challenges.  Tasks may be added or deleted at anytime, without notice, by the discretion of the author.  Some challenges will be achievable in a set period of time determined by the author, and must be announced prior to the start of said challenge, while other challenges will be ongoing for the remainder of the author's fishing career.  If a challenge is attempted and unsuccessfully completed, the author must post defeat.  In the case of such scenario, the challenge will remain on the list to be completed at a later date. The achievement of one challenge may fit the description of multiple challenges.  Should this occur, the author must only choose one task from the list for this achievement to count towards.  All additional fish caught, not counting towards this challenge, would be eligible towards completing a different challenge.

Catch a native trout on the fly rod.
Catch a carp on the fly rod.
Catch a pike/pickerel on the fly rod.
Catch a crappie on the fly rod.
Catch a saltwater fish on the fly rod.
Catch a muskellunge.
Catch a striped bass from a kayak.
Catch a 20-24 inch fish on the fly rod.
Catch a 25-29 inch fish on the fly rod.
Catch a 30-∞ inch fish on the fly rod.
Fly fish in Alaska.
Catch a 'Grand Slam' (5 fish species in one day)  All fish must be over 10 inches in length. Only lures used.
Catch a 24" or greater largemouth bass.
Catch a 20" or greater smallmouth bass.
Catch a 37" or greater carp.
Catch a 20" or greater pickerel.
Catch a 25" or greater pickerel.
Catch a  28" or greater northern pike.
Catch a 11" or larger bluegill/sunfish.
Catch a 14" or greater crappie.
Catch (anotherMaster Angler fish.
Fish with one well made fly for a day until it is utterly destroyed.
Fish 10 days in a row.  At least one hour a day.  No body of water fished twice on consecutive days.
From Karen:  I challenge you to catch a 30 inch (or larger) muskie in the James River off the banks of Elk Cliff Farm in the next year.
From Katie:  I challenge you to go noodling and catch a fish.

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