Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Woolliest Bugger

Disclaimer:  I am running a fever with sweats that turn to chills every other hour, so my brain may be a little off (more so than usual.)  I got lazy taking the pictures so they have a messy desk/dirty floor background.  Pay no attention to my uncleanliness.

Before Christmas I picked up some wool from a craft store for tying purposes.  I tried out some wool head minnows and failed miserably.  I then got to thinking that the woolly bugger formulas I've seen have always been marabou-chenille-hackle.  The bugger is super simple to tie as it was but I was getting bored making three new replacements of the same recipe every time I went fishing and lost them.  Therefore, I made the woolliest bugger.  I think it looks more buggy than the hackle variety and you have the option of making it more or less buggish.  I think the wool came to around 2 bucks beating the cost of chenille and hackle by a large margin.  I only saw the monotone package but it will make white, grey, or white buggers AKA 90% of the colors you'll need. together in perfect harmony.

I didn't have the photography skills energy to do a step by step... by day.

 ...but in case you can't figure it out on your own:  omit chenille and hackle, tie in a long strand of wool, wrap around the hook shank, whip finish, cement, dub brush it out, trim the stragglers and boom.    

Medium bugginess

The fly box was a Christmas gift and it's pretty awesome for medium flies.  You could fit four woolliest buggers in each compartment and stick larger flies or drying flies on the sticky pad opposite the compartment.  The only drawback of my box is it doesn't close very tight, but even if it opens the boxes are still securely shut.  

I also received a Finsport fly wallet for my larger flies which I love as well.  It comes with twelve small pockets and six large pockets and will take additional bags if you buy them.  


  1. sweet. I've been doing something similar. Went to Joann Fabrics and got a bunch of cheap craft fur. Been tying in the 'bou and then making a dubbing loop jammed with the craft fur. wrap forward, whip finish, tease it out. It took a couple EB stockies a few weeks back.

  2. I actually went looking for craft fur for a variation on a clouser minnow but couldn't find any... I'll have to try Joanne's.

  3. You are super crafty!!! Looking good. I love the pun of step by step!

  4. Good luck with your first carp, very addictive let me warn you !