Friday, October 28, 2011

Things To Do: Winter 2011 Edition

You're all thinking, "Wooo, a new blog post!.... wait this looks like a list of chores not a legitimate post."  Well, my loyal four followers, this one isn't just for you.

I like lists.  A lot.  Where I sit currently I can count four lists. And that is without ruffling the papers up.  I'm sure there are other forgotten and fairly unimportant lists hidden among the other papers.   All but one of those lists include food... so I guess I like food a lot too.  I wanted to put together a semi-formal list of things to do this winter when I'm not fishing.  I don't think I've ever fished from November to March so maybe that will go on the list if I'm bored enough.  I'm hoping that by placing a list on the blog where I can cross things off and maybe post about said list will provide some motivation to get the tasks marked off.

Tie some new jaw wrenching flies. Among, but not limited to, include the bunny butt slider, the sex dungeon, some sort of carp fly with some fancy barred orange legs (I'm not sure why but they look like something necessary for a carp fly).  Mostly I want to tie some meaty flies for pike and some carp flies.

Spin some deer hair.  I've been following Pat Cohen's blog for a while now and have wanted to try making some bass bugs that rival his.... OK, I'll be happy if they are a quarter of the quality as his.  I've made a couple experimental attempts with deer hair with only a little success.

Install kayak rod holders.  I recently picked up two Cabela's rod holders that should make my life on the water much easier.  They are designed for spin or bait casters which I usually have with me as well as the fly rod.  This will save me from having to shove a rod or two between my feet or behind my seat.  I've been using a still water kayak that has no fishing upgrades at all.  All I need is to borrow a power drill and a spade drill bit and that will change.

Get at least 5 substantial posts in by the end of February.  I have noticed that this blog is fish oriented.  What I mean from that is if I don't fish, I don't post.  The main point of this blog is to post about my fishing trips, but I want to expand that a little more with some pointless YouTube videos or some amateur flies I've tied.

...that list seemed longer in my head.  I will add things throughout winter and I will mark things off as I go.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go buy all the bread and milk from the grocery store for this impending nor' easter.


  1. You should definitely add some winter fishing to the list. It's my favorite time of year to fish for trout and I know the thing to do for most people up north is go Steelhead fishing.

  2. I know I fly fish... but I have yet to catch a trout on the fly rod. Even the stocked trout seem to elude me. I have thought about winter trout, but I think I will have to break down and buy some flies instead of using my own.

  3. Learn to tie Zebra Midges. They're useful on trout just about anywhere in winter... and maybe the simplest fly in the world to tie.

  4. Thanks! It's added to the list!